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East Coast Aquadams

Cofferdam and Flood Protection Solutions

East Coast Aquadam

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Once installed our Aquadams provides superior Flood control, River Diversion, Flood Protection, Boat Dock/Ramp Repair, Pond Liner Repair, Dewatering Work Sites, Hazardous Material Control, Water Filled Barriers and Water Storage!


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East Coast Aquadams is located on Maryland's Eastern Shore in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay.  Located centrally to better service your needs.

The portable dam known as the AquaDam is filled onsite with water. The AquaDam then can be used to control, contain or divert the flow of water. There are only three components to the AquaDam, the sections that hold the water are two watertight inner polyethylene tubes. The other, crucially important section is the “master tube” which is made of a heavy-duty geotextile woven polypropylene, its main function is to keep the inner tubes in contact when filled. These three components make up the AquaDam.

AquaDamsare your best option when it comes to any of the following water related issues:

Cofferdam needs

Flood control

Water diversions

Hurricane Protection

Flood Protection

Haz-Mat Containment


Water Storage


AquaDams are an environmentally friendly, low impact way to control water; whatever the application may be!

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