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Raised on The Eastern Shore of Maryland with great respect for the life style that the Chesapeake Bay is famous for. Herb has been involved in wetland restoration and habitat development for over 30 years. With the substantial impacts of old school cofferdam design, he found the need to incorporate an advanced system into our projects.

About our founder - Herb Haschen

About East Coast Aquadams

These searches lead Herb to AquaDam, Inc. based out of Scotia, California. The AquaDam design allows us to deploy a cofferdam system that is not only environmentally friendly, but saves a tremendous amount of time over traditional methods.

Our products price vary depending on the length, width, and location of installation.  Please contact us or fill out a assessment form to receive further information on pricing.


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There is no size limit on installations and sales.  We will work with you to establish the best application for your needs, even if it means pointing you in a another direction. 

Developed originally as water containment devices these portable dams have evolved into much more.  Construction using high density clothes and materials allow the AquaDam to be adapted to over 20 uses, these are just a few.

The Patented Aquadam

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